Victor Baker Jazz Telecaster

At last a committed builder to the Jazz Telecaster, I have been following Victor for a long time , a committed luthier highly acclaimed and a well versed well schooled jazz player.

Victor produces great guitars for the working player, they aint cheap but they aint expensive if its a tool of your trade the investment is very worthwhile.

Victor is very aware of this, if you judge him on his output and his recommendations you can see he has a very big reputation.

Victor has began to build a Jazz Telecaster using the tone woods he uses for his archtops which makes perfect sense seeing as the tone is in the wood and sculpting and bonding i only have as much info that is available on this page as Victor will be giving me full specs very soon in the written form, but there is a video and pictures, Victor as also playing the VBT Tele on the soundtrack to the youtube footage with his three piece.

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