Ribbecke 50th Anniversary Archtop

Tom never stops innovating, he never ceases to amaze with his knowledge of tonewoods and how to shape and and plane the wood to get the best from it.

His innovation in structure and bracing and forming is second to none, and his pupils will second that.

Its a real honour to be working with such an icon in the world of the Luthier and although Tom will have to take some time off for some much needed hand surgery , im sure he will bounce back with new ideas and concepts when fully recovered.

This fine guitar is for sale please contact myself or Tom for the cost and any other details you may require.

This is the description written by Tom

The 16" lower bout my Pheonix model, Quilted Sapele back and sides one piece Sitka spruce top.

All ebony shop made fittings... 25" sale. 1/3/4" nut neck is approx .830. from fingerboard at 1st fret

Koa binding purpleheart lams in the neck also of quilted Sapele.

Nitro Lacquer, two-way rod carbon fibre reinforced neck... x braced

About 2/15/16 body depth,

Bartolini Ribbbecke pickup, tone and vol thumbwheels on the pickguard.

Bezel set Zircon position markers. Truly the best sounding 16" I have ever made

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