Probett Guitars

Damien Probett is one of the most sort after builders of solid body guitars on a international basis now.

There are some great builders out there dont get me wrong, Jack Briggs and Stephen Marchione among them , but there is something about Probett guitars that ooze quality and build and craftsmanship that have boutique guitar shops just order and order again.

Every Luthier has there corner as I mentioned above and Jack Briggs and Stephen Marchione clearly have theirs but Damien is a British builder and I for one are immensely proud of the mark his made in the International market

This is some of Damiens latest completed work

He is also a great fan of the Telecaster thinline design and variations of.

Strangely Damien has very little sales in the UK, the domestic market is very slow, and for me and Damien quite troubling the reason being that any commercially built of the big three including so called custom shop do not even come close to the build quality, finish and overall tone of these masterful guitars. And in some cases Damiens builds are far cheaper. Ordering one of Damiens guitars is like purchasing a handmade suit, its built with the individual in mind and the preowned market in Damiens guitars is very buoyant the instruments retain a lot of thier residual value..

Hi work can be viewed on my site with current prices, Hes a very busy chap, bu he will always chat with you or return an email if you have questions as will I.

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