Mut Murungi

Unfortunately I cant add the accents above the U so please dont take offence Mut.

This wonderful luthier is enjoying a healthy order book and has kindly sent me some preliminary images of a build.

This will be for a close friend of Mut and owner already of two of his builds.

The guitar will be built with quite an unusual design neck which i dont want to divulge as of yet the neck will be made from walnut

The guitar will be equipped with a Daddy Mojo Dual foil pickup.

The back of the guitar will be Northern Ontario Birdseye maple and the carved top will be carved Cedar , some of the process you can already see above, and finished in a seafoam green.

New image recieved from Mutt this is now with soundboard in position glued.

There will be more images to follow but in the meantime you can view his ladybug on my site.

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