Lewis Trower Custom S

I've struck up a good relationship with Lewis, he's a musician and educator who has turned his hand to building good custom shop guitars. His Initial motivation was the lack of left handed guitars on the market that you could consider as being of a professional standard, Lewis being a left handed player, which he offers at no extra cost.

He made a big change to his lifestyle as a professional to follow his gut instinct to become a luthier,like myself I dropped out of a city job to become a watchmaker 25 yrs ago, still at the bench.

Lewis has provided me with a beautifully built Korina wood HSS hardtail strat fitted with Alchemy pickups, wound in the UK and housed in a Artur Benedykt custom hard case, this fine guitar can be seen on my site and this post.

He's a British luthier part of the new movement of builders emerging out of the shadows of our overseas builders of whom I represent and have a wonderful relationship with , so before you pull that trigger on a PRS or a Gibson or Fender custom shop pause and think about having a guitar built for you to your specifications and supporting some of the great independent luthiers out there who will work all hours to give you what you want.

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