Jacky Walraet Groove Cat Deluxe

Introducing the latest addition to Jacky Walraets stunning collection of masterbuilt guitars:- The price displayed is the base price for the guitar shown , this figure will change with agreement if the specification has to be or needs to be changed. Groove-Cat Deluxe; full body semi-acoustic archtop guitar with the typical clear definition and high responsiveness of my previous archtops, but, due to its special construction and inner architecture, this model has the sustain of a high-end solid body. Although this model is intended to be played through an amplifier, it still makes a rather quit but surprising warm woody acoustic sound when played unplugged for at home conditions.Any comments or questions about this guitar ? >> get in touch This instrument was designed and custom-made on order for a great jazz player ! videos are following... - Highly figured maple top- Eucaliptus back/sides & pickguard - Maple neck- Rocklite-Ebano® fingerboard - Bridge: maple & lilac - Bartolini floating pick up - Double acting Titanium truss rod - Hand rubed natural oil finish - Size; 14,5 inch width- Body join at 16th fret PLEASE NOTE PRICE TBA ON THIS GUITAR. PLEASE CONTACT MYSELF OR JACKY TO CONFIRM SPECIFICATION AND FINAL PRICE.

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