Gallonegro Guitars

Master builders of the Telecaster , my personal favorite solid body guitar.

These guys in Argentina understand the nature of the beast and produce some

exceptional builds.

They utilize whats around them and a very rare wood now in the rest of the world is

Yellow Pine, stunning looking wood.

They are listed on my site they have so many variations , Whats your poison , write and let me know,

I can get a build estimate for you.

Anyway in thier own words:-

Gallonegro make small batches of guitars, according to the available quantity of wood selected according to our criteria. The bodies always have a past that is recorded in burns, nails, fissures, attacks of xylophagous insects and exposure to the elements.

The selection is made evaluating acoustic response, weight, and aesthetics.

They are combined with striking necks among which you can find flamed, figured, twisted, or recovered, restructured, reinforced laminates ... as the case may be. In this search they highlight the attributes of each piece, combining them with excellent hardware, designed circuits, pickups with character, and finishes that vary according to each instrument.

Each person has their history, their likes and some objects that symbolize it. Those who want to convert their objects that have a memory that justifies it, come to Gallonegro so that this bed, table, chair, library, furniture or whatever, becomes a unique and unrepeatable guitar.

A small recording for you on one of their fine guitars.

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