Fibonacci Update

Fibonacci London are putting out some wonderful guitars of late, A Joya , Martin Taylors signature guitar completes today fro an order , a Fibonacci Roma custom completed for delivery to Germany and the Nigel Price Signature model The Londoner is now ready for order.

The Fibonacci Joya has been a massive success story for Fibonacci , teaming up with Martin Taylor to design a lightweight easy to transport guitar that is performance ready for any occasion.

This archtop is built and finished to exacting standards as it carries Martin Taylors name and second best is not good enough each one of Fibonacci's guitars are fastidiously checked at each stage of build and finishing along with the ever increasing model range they produce to order. The alternative to this guitar is the Chiquita which is favoured by Ciyo Brown and Richard Okkerse in Portugal scale different finish.

Te Londoner for Nigel Price is a different kettle of fish, again designed with full input from Nigel, this guitar has a wider lower bout and not as deep , the tone wood selection and overall look is decided by Graham and Nigel even down to the floating pickup which is specially wound for the this guitar in London. Scale , neck and fretboard even down to the fret wire has to be just so for this guitar which is retailing fro £3499.

These guitars and others are available through me at Alnicofive any questions you may have or possible custom enquiries please drop me a line , only to happy to help.

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