Grez Guitars Showcase and what a show

Some of the best players in the business decended on the Beatnik Bandito Music Emporium this is one for the history books in Barry Grez's words .

It's hard to imagine a single evening with all these talented and accomplished folks all hanging out and playing Grez Guitars. Except, possibly for tonight at BIGS Fullerton for the 9th Annual Kid Ramos NAMM Birthday Bash with the Memphis Kings. A warm personal thank you to everyone, and I'll list them left to right. I will also be releasing video from the evening soon. Far left, me, R.J. Ronquillo, Rodney Gene Junior, Tommy Harkenrider, Paul Pigat, Russ Evans, Aaron Martinez, David Ramos, Mondo Cortez and Al Martinez. Not pictured, Patrick Recob and Brent Mooney Harding.

This is an amazing line up for an amazing guitar.

All of these models and more are available through me in the UK and Europe.

They are listed on this very site.

#mendocino #grez #grezguitar #paulpigat #rodnetgeneJr #tommyharkenrider #Kidramos #tksmith

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