Hollywood Fats aka Michael Mann

My brilliant teacher Tommy Harkenrider (check him out) put me onto Hollywood Fats as a player to listen and perhaps pickup elements of his playing as did the man himself.

Hollywood was heavily influenced by the great players such as John Lee Hooker , Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters of whom he was side man to and a myriad of other successful blues players which was mainly down to seeing them perform live and listening to on recordings, also the unusual steps his mother took in actually at a young age taking Hollywood to venues to sit in and play with these great men.

All of this and hours of playing and gigging gave birth to a great intuitive and colourful player and singer who pretty much developed his own style of playing which is pretty infectious.

He also worked with Junior Watson and Kid Ramos among many others never leaving that Jump blues vibe.

Im not going to turn this into a wikipedia cut and past page but you must give this guitarist a listen.

Hollywood rarely recorded professionally so a lot of his material is not that well defined, here are some examples of his great fluid playing.

Hollywood left us on the 8.12.1986 , great player

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