Tone of a Virtuoso - Get Inspired.
The Virtuoso Guitar Player may be called upon to play many different styles, sometimes even during the same set. The expectation is that the Virtuoso will always deliver the goods in a seemingly effortless & extremely musical fashion.  The Virtuoso PAF® Set was created with this type of Musician in mind.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach all the tones needed for a session or gig with one guitar?  Now you can! From Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, Fusion & Beyond, the Virtuoso Set delivers great PAF® tone.


In the field:-

Leonardo Amuedo is known worldwide for his extremely tasteful and artistic guitar tone. His musicianship has been captured on several Grammy winning recordings. Leo's style ranges across Contemporary Jazz & Bebop, Fusion, Blues and far beyond.  His tone and touch are the envy of 6 string slingers everywhere.  Leo is a recording artist on the Sony label. He has also toured the world with many top acts. Since 2012 he has been a member of the Chris Botti Band, they cover tunes ranging from Louis Armstrong to Led Zeppelin on a nightly basis. 

Leo loves the tone of vintage PAF's, but prefers having the cover removed to "open up" the tone. This works great for his style because he has warmth in hands to spare whenever he needs it. Removing the cover gives him access to a more cutting tone when he wants it. When you hear him play these very special pickups with your eyes closed, it sounds if he is playing several guitars at once. One moment, it's pure PAF bliss, the next moment it's if he's playing a vintage single coil guitar. These pickups in the right hands are so versatile and can cover just about any type of music. It's a special set of pickups made for the elite level musician.

Leo enjoys the tone of the Virtuoso stock set without any mods but wanted to take fine tuning his tone to another level. He requested that we make a pickup with 12 screws for fine tuning. When you are a Virtuoso of Leo’s caliber, you hear every little nuance. When word got out about this mod, people started to ask for the “Leo Mod”. So we just had to add is an option for everyone to experience.

 Are you ready to get the most out of your guitar and approach the tone of a Virtuoso?

Please note import duty and VAT payable at country of Import and £35 Delivery by  courier


Virtuoso PAF