Vintage Tone - Modern Innovation.
This set was inspired by a really terrific 1952 set. Our painstaking design and testing process has yielded pickups that that sound great with tube amps, pedals, solid state amps, digital devices and even software. 

Tonal Details:

Bridge Pickup is made to emphasize sweet Twang without any hint of harshness.
Neck pickup is round but still has a nice “glassy-ness”.
These pickups are clean TONE MONSTERS but also sound great when overdriven. American amps can sound mushy when pushed too hard but these pickups keep the highs transparent together all the way up to 10.  Now the player can crank the amp and play clean with the guitars volume on 5, overdriven at 8, or “all out” at 10.     
Pickups are designed to cut the mix without being cranked. A big problem for Country players is by the time the turn the amp up enough to cut the mix, the amp starts to break up.  With these pickups you don’t need to crank your amp to be heard.


Please note import duty and VAT payable at country of Import and £35 Delivery by  courier


TS Telecaster 52 Twang