Tone that “Blooms” - Get Inspired.
If you played a few humbucker equipped guitars from the 1950s, then you probably know what “Bloom” is all about.  If you have never experienced it, then you are really missing out.  Many people describe Bloom in different ways and others are at a loss for words when hearing and feeling it.  To our ears there is softness to the attack of each note followed a very interesting and complex harmonic content to the tone.  Then just as the note should fade away, it continues to sing and sustain its sweet voice. 

Unlike our other P.A.F. designs, these pickups are not formulated with a certain style of music in mind.  The goal is to make the much sought-after vintage P.A.F. “Bloom” available to everyone.  This was a lofty goal and the design process has taken us years to master.  

Please note import duty and VAT payable at country of Import and £35 Delivery by  courier


TS Bloombucker