Vintage Tone - Modern Innovation.
This set was inspired by a really terrific 1951 Broadcaster set we stumbled upon.  They were nothing like any Tele set we ever heard.  So full, round and warm…really amazing.  Our painstaking design and testing process has yielded pickups that that sound great with tube amps, pedals, solid state amps, digital devices and even software. 

Tonal Details:

Bridge Pickup is crisp & clear and as bright as a Tele bridge should be but is very full and round. It has the P90 roundness but the focus of a Tele Bridge,
Neck pickup has the softness of a nice vintage PAF. Its nice and smooth in the mids, warm & round in the lows without forgetting that it is still a neck Tele that needs to remain clear.
The Middle Position is so funky. Words cannot not describe the great tonal pleasure that is achieved by these two pickups working together. Jazz chords sound great in the middle, and lines have a really cool voice.
These pickups are warm Tele Pickups that are very clear and do not get muddy when you roll off the volume. They are bright enough that you may still need to roll off some tone to nail classic jazz tones.
These pickups have enough output to drive an amp and sound great when distorted, they are super smooth and can really nail that liquid fusion lead tone.
Big, Warm & Round - Jazzy Tone.
Are your Telecaster® Pickups just not Jazzy enough for you? Continuing to use the wrong pickups for your style can be extremely frustrating. This frustration can limit your ability to create the tones and the music you’ve been hearing in your head. We feel your pain. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Your search for your perfect Tele® tone ends today.

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TS 51 Jazzy set