• Standard Tele control plate.

Price £55,-

 No control plate, no knobs £29,30

  • SS Tele control plate with 4-way switch. This adds series wiring to an SS Telecaster. Two single coils in series sound like a humbucker. Fat sound, high output.

Price £60, no control plate,

No knobs £33,30

  • HS Tele control plate with 4-way switch. This splits the humbucker. The split HB can be used in several ways.

Price £60,

No control plate, no knobs £33,30   

You have to choose one:

  • Parallel wiring of the SC and the split HB, sounds like position 2 in a standard Tele
  • Split HB, sounds like a single coil
  • Split humbucker in series with the single coil. Gives a different kind of humbucker sound.
  • Custom wiring: Price upon request


All Tele control plates can be made with traditional tone control or with V12G tone control.

Additional costs for the V12G tone control £27,-

Telecaster standard control plate