The Rhoda
Base Price £2800
​​Designed to bring the vibe of vintage catalog guitars into the modern day with impeccable playability, the Rhoda is a brace-free, lively performer. It's also the best-selling Stahman design.
​With a scale length of 24.625", a 1.75" nut, and a neck that joins the body at the 12th fret, it's a comfortable and familiar instrument. Light and resonant, the hollow body won't weigh you down in the studio or on stage.
​As with any Stahman guitar, stainless steel frets are standard equipment. The neck is mounted to the body using machine screws and threaded steel inserts. This results in a strong, reliable coupling, and makes many repairs and adjustments easier on your local luthier.
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Stahman Rhoda

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