Custom built to order vintage PAF style pickup************

This listing is for one pickup.

Meticulously built with the very best materials available(see photos); genuine butyrate bobbins just like the originals, maple spacers, carefully selected alloys for pole pieces and slugs.

Nickel silver base plate with threaded pole screw holes for positive engagement just like the originals and yes they are made in America as are the nickel silver covers.

Braided single hookup lead wire and of course carefully wound with hand measured and selected plain enamel 42 awg magnet wire. Available with or without wax potting. Unless a request is made they will come vacuum wax potted for protection against micro phonics.

If you play mostly clean, non-potted coils like the originals can be desirable and provide a more open airy tone. Please be sure to let me know during checkout if you desire un-potted coils. For those who play with

PAF style pickup POA