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In the Luthiers own words.


The idea to construct such an instrument was born one evening when I encountered Mike Moreno, a renowned New York based jazz musician, at a private concert. I watched on as he played with his standard semi-hollow body guitar. Clearly impressed with his virtuosic jazz chops, I nonetheless felt that Moreno was robbed of sound quality by his very own instrument.


After the show I talked with Moreno and proposed building a semi-hollow body electric guitar with my carefully developed 15″ Mark Whitfield Archtop guitar as the base design. Moreno agreed and months later he and I were both thrilled with the pictured result. The tone and sustain dealt out by this guitar is truly astonishing…

The body of the Standard Semi-hollow guitar is made of gorgeous Italian Alpine Spruce top and an African Mahogany back. Divine. The Premium models are available in a wide variety of woods. These guitars are available with a “modern”, symmetrical f-hole design as pictured but I also make them with the “classic” f-hole design as well.

As with all of my guitars, I never use plywood and always use individual cuts of quality tonewood. This is certainly the choice should you want to move from a generic, playable compromise to a professional instrument.

Marchione Semi Hollow Vintage Burst