As rare as its name indicates, the “Black Rose”, couples harmonically both 
strength and elegance. The distinguishing deep color renders the “Black Rose” 
a symbol of unique beauty that perfectly fits the pickup output.

Black Rose Strat® Pickups are designed with Alnico 5 magnets for a modern 
sound and gives higher output than the other Nick Silver Strat® pickups.

• Thick tone with glorious pick attack and long sustain gives you a modern Strat® sound.
• Full bass response with strong mids and smooth highs.

Flat Pole Magnets.
Middle pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling operation in positions 2 and 4.
Vintage cloth push-back lead wire.
Wax potted.

DC Resistance: Neck: *6.7kΩ,  Middle: *7.1kΩ,  Bridge: *7.5kΩ
*DC resistance is approximate


Individual Price £85

Covers Black Or white


Artists: Eric Gales, Nick Dounoussis, Cary Campen, Irene Ketikidi, Alexis Ioannou, Spyros Hatziantoniou, Christian Coccia, Manolis Aggelakis, Giannis Venizelos

Black Rose - Stratocaster® Pickups Set

  • Pickups are available in Black or white covers


    Individual price Neck Middle or Bridge £85