Dynamic, Warm & Clear - Blues P.A.F. Tone.
This set was inspired by a few sets of P.A.F. Humbuckers from the the late 50's, most notably a 1959 set. There was a lot of trial and error to recapture that magical tone only found in those vintage pickups.  The Clear Tone full of Warmth & Dynamics is perfect for great Blues tone.  

Are your Humbucker Pickups lacking that great Blues tone you desire? You are not alone, it’s a common complaint. Continuing to use the wrong pickups for your style can be extremely frustrating. This frustration can limit your ability to create the tones and the music you’ve been hearing in your head. We feel your pain. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Your search for your perfect Blues PAF® tone ends today.

Beyond Blues - Get Inspired.
When comparing our pickup to other pickups, the great players hear the difference right away.  It seems the better the player, the more excited they get after hearing our pickups in their guitar.

We’ve created the best vintage voiced PAF® pickups for terrific Blues tone.  Just because your guitar is equipped with the best pickups for Bluesy tone doesn't mean you can venture into the realm of other styles.  The Tone Specific Blues PAF® Humbucker pickup set will sound great for just about any type of music

59 Blues PAF