Ales Erman guitars are things of beauty like many other luthiers on this site they make wonderful guitars that fit certain budgets and Ales makes superb archtops that suit the player who has funds enough to perhaps make a considered purchase on a less frequent basis.

The obvious quality of his materials, design and execution of the final instrument far outweighs its price tag. He brings a certain elegance to his builds which immediately attracts your attention as it did mine

Im very proud to have come to an agreement with Ales to represent him as he knows how many guitars he can build throughout the year to maintain his high standard so build slots are not plentiful.

There is a link to his options and build catalogue on this page and I can offer guideline prices from Ales on a perspective build

Shown above are some of the built options of his guitars, please view and contact me for options and advice. Other models will be posted on my social media and blog.

Every guitar is different as its built for the individual