My reason for this site is two fold, I am in my fifties now and have come back to guitar playing in a band and in a studio after a long time off bringing up a family and working a job that pays the bills.


In my time away from the guitar world i could not believe how much things have changed in my gigging days it was a tubescreamer a valve amp guitar lead and if you could afford it a delay, now its a different world my £250 les pauls are £1250.00 everyone and his brother a building amps pedals and guitars and thier thing is the newest and bestist out, and you know what good luck everybody deserves to make a living.


Ive been lucky, i was able to be around the right people at the right time , session players guitar roadies and sound men and I had good schooling from all of them, so from that i have put together what i have found and sorted through and researched and I think this small group of makers at the  top of thier game.