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Fibonacci Ambassador

A newly finished Ambassador pictured here with floating Humbucker , British made


The Ambassador is a beautiful archtop in it's simplest, most understated form. No bling, no fancy inlay on the fingerboard, no quirky headstock. Just a very simple design aesthetically, with the main focus being on its performance.

As standard, the Ambassador is formed from a parallel braced, hand carved AAA spruce top, and hand carved AAA flame maple back and sides. It is fitted with a maple neck, dove-tail joined at the 14th fret, 14” radius ebony fingerboard, with 20 Jescar EVO gold frets. Peripherals are hand profiled ebony finger-rest, tailpiece, and floating bridge with bone saddle.

The Ambassador can be finished in nitrocellulose lacquer or custom finished by acoustic builder, James Millman using his secret Devon, guitar oil mix. Either way, the result is perfection, retaining the natural aesthetics and the responsive acoustics of the guitar. The Ambassador archtop is something very special, and sounds every bit as good as it looks.

The Ambassador comes standard fitted with an OX4 hand wound set-in humbucker, or a floating KRIVO or Kent Armstrong. But, as I am sure you can appreciate, everyone has their own taste when it comes to pickups. Therefore, we can explore the option of custom fitting any particular pickup should you have a personal preference otherwise.

Sabolovic Ella 

Currently available for sale through Alnicofive and Reverb.

This guitar is outstanding. An unique model, handcrafted by sabolovic guitars France.

Ella is a generous 17′ jazz archtop guitar , 3′ depth. A vertical bracing offer a huge acoustic voice and projection. The massive table is hand-carved in our best French spruce.

The back, the sides and the neck are made in sumptuous maple.

Ella have a warm tone and a fast response.

The guitar features an ebony fingerboard with bone inlays. It is equipped with our original “sabolovic” tailpiece, pickups on the table with their carved wooden rings, an adjustable solid bridge.
It is perfectly adjusted with flatwound strings and a very low action.
Delivered in hard case. Unique model.

Please note that the plexiglass pickguard has a small brown binding all around its circumference.


Ergon Guitars

Adrianos  interest in the technical side of guitars was sparked when I grew increasingly unsatisfied with his life as a bass player.

After spending most of the 1990’s accompanying other artists and being involved in original projects, by the end of the decade  he gradually began fixing instruments more rather than playing them.
The life on the road as an international guitar technician since then brought him  in close contact with many of the classic models we all know, as well as the real needs of the working and touring musician. By 2005, this gathered experience was materialized in Guitar Rehab Lisbon, the musical instrument repair, restoration and construction workshop where Ergon guitars are designed and crafted. Some years later, his team slowly gathered to include Hugo Domingos and Luís Alves working alongside me.

The impetus to begin building guitars was sparked by the requests of close clients, who were searching for an instrument that embodied their preferences of tone and comfort of use.

He believes the combination of all of my professional experience with a lifelong interest in art and design are inevitably reflected in the aesthetical aspect and ergonomic touch of Ergon guitars.

The instruments are made to be a beautiful extension of the musicians body, as to grant a more fluid channel through which expression can be manifested.

After all, he felt a passion for crafting since he could remember seeing his father working with wood and metal as a hobby. When he was 5 or 6 years old, he was given a set of woodworking tools, two of which still help him when he is creating the next instrument.

He  hopes that one day you might try one out, and tell me what you think and feel

Rancourt Guitars

‘’Focused on providing professional Lutherie services, my goal is to make unique pieces that vibrate by innovating in a world where multiple factors can affect the conception of a musical instrument. I always aim to build instruments that are very responsive, easy and fun to play, to help you free your inspirations!’’ –Guillaume Rancourt-

Fibonacci Guitars


It has been great working with award winning jazz guitarist, Nigel Price, to produce this stunning archtop. Nigel’s specifications, has contributed something very special to our range of guitars. Appropriately named, ‘The Londoner’.

Vatroslav Sobolovic Billie


Sabolovic guitars: The excellence of Lutherie

For more than 25 years, Sabolovic Guitars has been passionately specialized in the production of jazz archtop guitar.

All the building process adheres to the historic traditions and is performed by hand at Sabolovic’ guitars workshop based in France.

Stephen Marchione

At one time in his life, Stephen Marchione spent six hours a day playing the guitar eventually earning a BA in music from Naropa University. He now focuses on crafting them. In fact, since beginning his career as a guitar maker in 1990, Stephen has created more than four-hundred guitars for some of the best guitar players in the world.

Jack Briggs

Handcrafted slowly by the one-man team of Jack Briggs. Briggs builds instrument of the highest caliber with a focus on tonality, playability and lifetime reliability. You can own several "good" guitars, or that one spectacular instrument - make it a Briggs!

DEF Custom Guitars

DEF Custom guitars Paris is a wonderful one man luthier business based on designing stunning custom Telecaster style guitars for the gigging player a guitar he can rely on and afford

Wyatt Wilkie Luthier


Prior to setting up shop in British Columbia Wyatt had his workshop in Savannah, Georgia where he worked as apprentice to renowned jazz guitar maker Bob Benedetto shortly after Bob opened his shop there. As well as building Bob’s high-end guitars Wyatt also had the title of Master Craftsman of the company and filled many rolls, all the while still whittling away in his own shop at home making guitars and mandolins of his own design.

Stephen Marchione



The journey from high-school jazz devotee to the finest young guitar maker working today, according to Chamber Music America, was a rich and complicated one.

After establishing his own brand and working for over a decade in New York City, Stephen Marchione moved to the Montrose arts district in Houston, Texas, where he builds his entire family of guitars.
Additionally, Marchione has also studied privately since 1994 with Manhattan-based violin maker Guy Rabut. “I try to build one violin a year to keep my chops up”, says Marchione. He feels that building classical guitars and violins broadens his understanding of top thicknessing, tap tuning, and surface preparation.
Similarly, building electric guitars has taught him the importance of the fretboard in a player’s appreciation of a guitar. Marchione is considered one of a very few leading-edge pioneers in the design of guitars that combine elements of both jazz and classical construction. This well-rounded approach contributes to the magic one finds in a Marchione instrument, a magic that is at once very broad yet truly individual.